Teaching videos

There is a complete set of teaching videos linked at the start of each presentation, or you can find the playlists here:

Number and Proportion videos

Algebra videos

Geometry and Measures videos

Statistics and Probability videos


Each unit is resourced with a sequenced booklet of tasks and a unit-long presentation that can be adapted for use in the classroom.

The tasks are a combination of curation and creation that we believe fits our particular curricular journey through the mathematics of Key Stages 3 and 4. It is essential that mathematics is never taught by ‘click-and-play’ through a presentation, but we know that many teachers would benefit from a starting point rather than having to plan from scratch. To this end, we have made the booklets and presentations to reduce workload, to make suggestions for teaching, and to allow teachers time to prepare how to make it work in the classroom.

There is no expectation that everything be used exactly as it is, in fact, we believe quite the opposite – that every teacher can use the same core materials but must make them come alive for their class.


We believe that concrete and pictorial representations help more students to make sense of the abstract ones. We have chosen a small number of representations to thread throughout the curriculum. The main ones are algebra tiles and area models, the number line and vectors, and double number lines and ratio tables.

As we make support materials for using representations, we will include them here.

Algebra Tiles

Document: Algebra tiles through the curriculum

Double number lines and ratio tables

Coming soon!