Before using the resources, make sure you understand the rationale of the curriculum materials and the principles of sequencing and precedence.

Unit resources

A1 – Introduction to algebraic thinking

A2 – Manipulating and simplifying expressions 1

A3 – Manipulating and simplifying expressions 2

A4 – Linear equations

A5 – Formulae

A6 – The Cartesian Grid

A7 – Sequences 1

A8 – Linear inequalities

A9 – Contextual graphs

A10 – Advanced linear graphs equations and inequalities

A11 – Advanced manipulating and simplifying expressions

A12 – Quadratic graphs and equations

A13 – Advanced sequences

A14 – Advanced quadratic graphs and equations

A15 – Functions and advanced graphs

A16 – Pre-calculus

A17 – Advanced algebra skills and proof

Teaching videos

There is a complete set of teaching videos linked at the start of each presentation, or you can find the playlist here.


Answer booklets will be published later in 2024.